Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Black Fly Trip Report

We just returned from 2 weeks at Black Fly Lodge in Abaco, Bahamas this past weekend.This year we did two seperate, back to back, hosted weeks. Our first group arrived at BF on March 29, fishing the subsequent 6 days. Our arrival coincided with the tail end of some pretty awful weather that they had been experiencing for a few days. This resulted in our first two days being kind of a fight with light (or lack thereof).

After the first couple of days, Mother Nature started to look more kindly upon us with more sunlight and stable weather patterns. Fishing improved right along with the weather. A couple of double digit Bonefish were landed during the week with quite a number of fish 5 pounds and over landed. One of our group, who we`ll just refer to as "Lucky Les", continued his Black Fly tradition of losing a couple of truly huge Bonefish.

Everyone thinks of Bonefish when the Bahamas are mention but Abaco is a very viable Permit fishery with some huge specimens kicking around. Five Permit were landed in our first week with one fish lost. One of the Permit came in at around 40 pounds.

The meals were maybe better than last year, which we would have never thought possible. Oh, and they still hold the title for best fishing lodge beds and showers in the world!

Our second week saw a continuation of very nice weather to start. I had the privelege of fishing with an old friend who is enjoying his first year of retirement. We had some pretty decent Bonefishing with shots at some very big fish.
Mid-week brought us a present from the north in the form of cloud, high wind, and dropping temps. Wednesday we headed out with expectations of a very pleasnat boat ride and horrible fishing. All of us ended up getting a ton of shot at big Bonefish. Unfortunately, they were the most uninterested fish I think I have ver seen. Fly reactions ranged from complete disinterest to absolute panic. Obviously it was a head scratcher.

As an added bonus, there were a ton of shots at tailing Mutton Snapper in very skinny water. tailing Muttons pretty much put Permit to shame in the spooky/difficult department.

The last few days brought improvement and the last day saw unbelievable Bonefishing. And just to top things off, there was a 4:05 PM, just about ready to quit, last cast Permit landed...perfect!

Great big thanks to SD, DP, TS, LG, and TH (you all know who you are). And a big thanks to whole cast and crew at Black Fly!

Mark your calendar for April 18-25, 2015! We're going back!

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