Friday, February 12, 2016

Family Day Weekend

We, here at the shop, all wish you an enjoyable Family Day Weekend. We are open Saturday for regular hours but closed Sunday and Monday.
There is no Saturday Seminar this weekend, but we do have one next weekend.
Hopefully your Family day involves some fishing.

Enjoy your long weekend!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

New Loggerheads for Spring!

New Colors and images for Howler Brother Loggerheads this spring. Images on the left breast, as well as across the shoulders on the back.
Still the most comfortable tropics shirt we know of!!! Period.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Fishing Reports - February 6

Bow River Report – February 5, 2016

With all of this warm weather, a number of people have been getting out on the river and fishing has been good. The Rainbows have retained the ridiculous weight they had last fall and are pulling way better than normal for winter. Decent number of nice Brown kicking around as well.

Nymphing is your best bet, with a two fly rig consisting of a Worm pattern with a Midge Larva trailer or you might try a Stonefly nymph.

Streamer fishing has been good as well. Remember to fish them slower than summer.

A few reports of fish rising to Midges but not a bunch.

Hatches:  Midges

Dry Flies: Wilcox Micro Midge, Griffiths Gnat

Nymphs:   Atomic Worm, Bubble Gum Worm, Conestone, Ice Nymph, Zebra 

Streamers:  Geek Leech, Gartside Leech, Clouser Minnows.
Bow River Adventures Photo
Crowsnest River Report – February 5, 2016

The Crow, and Oldman, have been fishing pretty well of late. Check the wind forecasts before heading down.

Sectional closures now in place until June 16, 2016. Check your regs.

Hatches:  Midges

Dries: Griffiths Gnat, Neversink Gnat, Wilcox Micro Midge
Nymphs: Disco Midge, Zebra Midge, Ice Nymph, Conestone, Atomic Worm
Streamers:  Gartside Leech, C/H R/L Bow River Bugger

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Saturday Seminar - February 6, 2016

Trout Unlimited Bow River Chapter Conservation Projects
Come and meet members of T.U. Projects Committee, who will outline projects done recently and projects coming up. They have done a bunch of great stuff in the last year, with more projects to be done.

Trout Unlimited focus on habitat projects has greatly improved over the last couple of years. This is the perfect opportunity for you to come and see how you can participate.

If we use the resource, we should help the resource!
All seminars start at 10:00 am and will end between 11:00 and noon. There is no charge and no pre-registration required. Simply drop by the shop and enjoy the seminar.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Saltwater Fly Specials

With the downward evolution of the Canadian dollar against the U.S., we know your saltwater trip is a little more painful on the financial side this year.

We thought this might help. Save you a little bit of money on the ammo anyways.

For the Tarpon, 6 Packs of Colby's Corona Toads. Available in Chartreuse, Purple, or Red. Regular price is $42, special price of $25 for 6!

For Barracuda, 2 pack of Paulson's Ka-Cudda now $9.99, regular price is $24. Pre-wired and ready to fish.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

New DVDs To Pass The Winter

Beattie Outdoor Productions
Contains short films from the last four filming seasons: Scorpion Expedition, Alaska: La Frontera Norte, the Arctic, Hawaii on the Fly, Mongolia & more. 2+ hrs
Contains 12 short films from the last three filming seasons: Scorpion Expedition - the Alaska - La Frontera Norte - Mongolia - The Arctic - Hawaii on the Fly & more. Many of these short films debuted with the fly fishing film tour, but have not been released to the public on DVD until now

This collection is a must have for any fly angler's media collection. Filmed on location in Alaska, Mexico, Mongolia, Hawaii, Northwest Territories (Canada), California Delta, and the Pacific Northwest.

Species include tarpon, bonefish, permit, trout, grayling, various salmon species, carp, pike, char, taxmen, and various bass species.

Whether you're a saltwater or freshwater angler, this diverse collection of fly fishing media will get you stoked to get out on the water, and just might inspire you to fish somewhere you've never gone.

This DVD also contains an "Action Cut", a compilation of the best shots from 4 seasons on the water - cut to music
Gin-Clear Media
Gin-Clear Media's Backcountry – South Island is the sequel film to the highly acclaimed Backcountry – North Island, we once again explore the stunning fishing opportunities in the New Zealand backcountry. The South Island has vast tracts of some of the most intact, undisturbed natural areas left on our planet—these last truly wild places deliver beauty and isolation in spades but it is the allure of giant trout in crystal clear water that draws the anglers from around the globe to these treasured landscapes.

The film explores a number of backcountry fisheries with anglers who exude a profound connection to the wilderness. The cast of the film is as extensive and varied as the landscapes explored. In the end it is dedicated, inspired people will ensure that the spirit of the backcountry will thrive, preserving a world that we are proud to hand over to those who come after us.

Starring - Mike Kirkpatrick, Jake Berry, Jack Kos, Rene Vaz, Nick Reygaert, Andrew Harding, Jacob Freeman and Paul Procter. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

To make room for Spring 2016 lineup, all remaining, in stock Howler Brothers Harkers Flannel Shirts are now 40% OFF.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Top 10 Reasons Why We're Not Cutting Edge

Top reasons why we aren't "cutting edge":

Please note that our opinions may sometimes differ from yours and we ask that there be no internet crucifixion or any type of cyber terrorism.

#1 - Three quarters of the staff have never owned a fiberglass fly rod. Those of us who have, haven't used one since we were in junior high. All of us are completely in agreement that we have no desire to ever fish cane or fiberglass again before we die. Look at them, yes, fish them, no! If you want retro, we can likely find a Model A for you drive to Vancouver in January. That should fill you up on retro for a while.

#2 -  None of us have beards. Most of us (including some that are almost 50) can't even grow one.

#3 - Our hats look like this:

       Not this:

#4 - We prefer stickers with fish spots, not fish skeletons.

#5 - We still prefer indicators to be dry flies.

#6 - We're still confused by what the differences are between Czech, French, and Polish Nymphing.

#7 - At no time will any of us ever make this sign for a fish photograph.

#8 - All of our personal fishing tippet is the same color (greenish), and no one here has ever fished 6X with nymphs. I think I might own 6X but I'm not sure where it is.

#9 -  The last time we used a swivel while fishing we were 12, and there was a Five of Diamonds on the end.

#10 -  To this day, even though forced to participate, we're completely freaked out and a little afraid of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Brown Trout South of the Equator

James A. and Rick B. just got back from their CP trip to Cinco Rios Lodge in Coyhaique, Chile. After surviving New Years parties in Valparaiso and Ville del Mar they managed to have some awesome fishing for a week. Fine specimens of "Yeller" there boys.