Saturday, January 23, 2010

Staff Product Picks

Here's Brent's product picks for 2009 and 2010, also check out Caitlin's picks

"While I didn’t get to fish the rod as much as I wanted to, by far my favourite product of 2009 was the Orvis ZG Helios 3 weight. The biggest problem with this rod was getting a reel light enough to not make it unbalanced. However, after solving that problem with the new 4540CF from Sage, I was finally able to get the rod onto the water. My first experience with it was with a 20” Bow River Rainbow that sipped a midge, which the rod handled with no problem having as much power as you could ever ask for such a tiny rod.

Once the mountain streams opened, this rod really got to shine. Placing a caddis in any little bucket was no problem, as well as easily tossing the biggest hoppers in my box. It even threw a few streamers a good distance for bull trout.

This is definitely a rod that I will recommend to everyone who wants to enjoy the best dry fly fishing of their life.
For 2010, I’m, excited for the Sage TCX 7126-4 Spey Rod (really, I’m excited about the whole new Sage lineup, come talk to me about the amazing Sage 99). Not only is the rod aptly been named ‘The Death Star’, but it also one of the lightest spey rods on the market. This is one hell of a dry-line steelhead rod, but has all the power to throw big tips and big flies, and still be able to do the occasional winter fishing on the Bow. Steelhead (and steelhead anglers) beware!
PS. Yes I'm a bit of a rod junkie!"
Check back for Mike, Dee, and Mark's product picks.

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