Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fishing Reports - August 21

Bow River Report –August 21, 2013

Managed to sneak out and spend a day on the river yesterday. Now that the river is down to a civilized 128 cms there is a lot more river that’s more manageable to fish.

I must admit, I was pretty pleased with the way the river is fishing. Good number of eats on Hopper patterns throughout the day with only one lull for about 45 minutes around 5 PM. Fished the same stretch as a couple of our guides and they reported much the same thing. They also had very good success on Hopper/Dropper setups with smaller bead head nymphs.

Boat launches currently in operation: Fish Creek, Policeman’s, McKinnon’s, Legacy Island

Hatches: Caddis, Tricos, Hoppers

Streamers: Clouser-Black, Marabou Clouser, ¼ Lb. Bugger

Nymphs: Tung Dart, TB Soft Hackle Hares Ear, Torin’s Soft hackle, TB Green Rock Worm

Dry Flies: Panty Dropper Hopper, CFO Hernobyl, Fat Albert-Tan, CUF Hopper, Snowshoe Caddis, Bloom’s CDC Caddis.

Crowsnest River Report – August 21, 2013

Typical August conditions on the Crow. Levels down to 3.76 cms as of today. Selective, somewhat spooky fish will be found in most of the runs and pools. More user friendly, cooperative fish will be found in the riffles and on gravel bars.

Hatches: Caddis, Green Drakes, Hoppers

Streamers: Bead Crystal Bugger, Jawbreaker

Nymphs: Tund Stud, TB Pheasant Tail, TB Green Rock Worm

Dries: Emerging Green Drake, Wilcox Low Rider, Hatching May-PMD, Midget Caddis, Slice Above Hopper, CUF Hopper.

High Country River Report – August 21, 2013

Everything we have been hearing about has been fishing very well. Few places (like the gap area of Oldman) have been a little busy but most other stuff hasn’t been too bad.

Hatches: Stoneflies, Green Drakes, Hoppers

Streamers: Gartside Leech, Sleech, Clouser
Nymphs: Torin’s Soft Hackle, Prince Nymph, TB Green Rock Worm
Dries: CFO Ant, Morrish Hopper, CFO Chernobyl, Emerging Green Drake.

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