Friday, September 6, 2013

Fishing Reports-September 6

Bow River Report –September 6, 2013
For the most part the river has been fishing pretty good over the last week. Hopper fishing has been very good at times, at worst fair. Droppers of smaller bead head nymphs under the hopper have been working well.

More and more rising fish on Tricos and Pseudo over the last few days. On certain days a person can spend most of the day playing with rising fish.

A lot more Boatmen showing up along the banks!

Boat launches currently in operation: Glenmore, Fish Creek, Policeman’s, McKinnon’s, Legacy Island

Hatches: Tricos, Hoppers, BWO’s, Water Boatman

Streamers: Clouser-Black, Marabou Clouser, ¼ Lb. Bugger

Nymphs: Tung Dart, TB Soft Hackle Hares Ear, Torin’s Soft hackle, TB Green Rock Worm, Peacock Water Boatman

Dry Flies: Panty Dropper Hopper, CFO Chernobyl, Fat Albert-Tan, CUF Hopper, Snowshoe Caddis, Bloom’s CDC Caddis.

Crowsnest River Report – September 6, 2013
For those who like to sight fish, fish little bugs, and play with picky fish, the Crow is in prime shape. Little bead head nymphs and small Blue Wing Olive dries for the fish you can sight.

If that’s not your bag, a Hopper, beetle, or Ant will work as well.

Hatches: Hoppers, Beetles, Ants

Streamers: Bead Crystal Bugger, Jawbreaker

Nymphs: Tung Stud, TB Pheasant Tail, TB Green Rock Worm

Dries: Slice Above Hopper, CUF Hopper, CFO Ant, Low Rider

High Country River Report – September 6, 2013
Starting from the North, the Sheep has been fishing pretty well, best below Turner Valley. The Highwood has been a little inconsistent. At times it has fished great, but some reports have been a little mediocre.

Dutch, Racehorse, Livingstone, Oldman have all been pretty good and getting better all of the time.

Castle continues to fish pretty well.

Hatches: Green Drakes, Hoppers, BWO’s

Streamers: Gartside Leech, Sleech, Clouser
Nymphs: Torin’s Soft Hackle, Prince Nymph, TB Green Rock Worm
Dries: CFO Ant, Morrish Hopper, CFO Chernobyl, Emerging Green Drake.

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