Monday, April 28, 2014


Bow River Shuttles Photo

Thanks to everyone who braved the weather on Saturday and dropped by the Customer Appreciation Day. Turned out to be busier than we thought it might be considering it snowed all day. Quite a lot of people were troopers and took the opportunity to cast rods. Hope everyone enjoyed the burgers!

Thanks to Doug and Allison Best, from Orvis, who came all the way from Bozeman to help out.

Also thanks to Ruben Breitkreutz, form Far Bank, for joining us to help out.

Thanks to Bow river Shuttles for joining us.

Thanks to Maureen, who cooked burgers for hours in the snow.

Congratulations to Lance Chalmers on winning the Helios 2 rod, and Graeme Dales an winning the Sage Motive rod.

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