Wednesday, January 11, 2017

"Can't Believe I'm Doing It" Fishng Reports

With the weather we have had we normally wouldn't bother, but people will be itching to get out.

Bow River Report – January 11, 2017

When conditions next allow for fishing, deep nymphing and streamers swung or slowly retrieved will be best bets.

Should the weather break and allow for time on the river please use extreme caution.  Bank ice is extremely unstable and not to be trusted to walk on.  Even a short swim in the river can be fatal this time of the year due to the low river temperatures.  Be safe!

Weather supposed to get above zero at the end of the week, which may allow for some fishing, but water will most likely be slushy.  We'll need a few days above zero before the slush melts.

Hatches:  Midges

Dry Flies:  Griffiths Gnat #20
Nymphs:   BH Wire Worm, Atomic Worm, Copper John, Prince Nymph,     

Streamers:  Geek Leech, Bellydancer Zonker, Gartside Leech

Crowsnest River Report – January 11, 2017

River frozen in many locations due to the extreme cold we have experienced over the last 4 weeks.  Weather may get above zero this week, but we'll need to have a few days above zero to allow for slush to melt.

Hatches:  Midges

Dries: CDC Griffiths Gnat

Nymphs:  Tung Stud, Water Boatman, Prince Of Darkness.
Streamers: Geek Leech, Gartside Leech, Wooly Bugger

The East Slope Streams are now closed through June 15, 2017.

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  1. You guys don't miss a beat. Here's to double digits C weather in January...hope so.