Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bow River, July 21

Pretty slow out of the boat, with the water being a wierd color (it seemed like the clarity got worse the later in the day, as well as being not "great" to start with). Getting out and looking for fish produced the most results, with most fish taken on a Caddis dry or nymph. A few fish on the foamies, but not too much action. Best bet is to look for happy fish that are rising, they are out there!

The Elbow was still pumping mud as of Sunday, so i suspect that this is the main culprit still behind the color (the Sheep is clear, as well as Fish Creek). Hopefully it will clean up in the next few days (which it should)

Will post a bunch of pics tomorrow (hopefully!)


p.s Don't forget your sunscreen. It's very bad out there for burning right now. Also, with the warm water, don't release a fish till you know it's going to be ok. They may need some extra attention with the higher water temps that could occur with this burst of hot weather.

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