Monday, August 31, 2009

Sage Xi3 Fly Rod Review

Sage Xi3 12 weight comparison
Now that we've had the Xi3 in the shop for a few days, we finally got out both the 12 weight Xi3, as well as the replaced 12 weight Xi2 for comparison.

Right off the bat you notice that the Xi3 is a very pretty rod (prettier in our mind then the Xi2). It has a nice ocean blue color, with discrete thread wraps in a bright blue. All in all, it's one of the prettiest fly rods we've ever seen.
Discrete thread wraps make this rod even prettier. Xi3 on top.
They have upgraded the stripping guides to make them even lighter (and a lot nicer looking), as well as making the reel seat just plain easier to use, as well as sturdier.
Xi3 stripping guide behind the Xi2 stripping guide
Xi3 reel seat seems like a simple upgrade, but it's actually a nice improvement to have.
Xi3 on top
Now the important parts:

While the Xi3 is not astronomically lighter then the Xi2 (the Xi3 weighs 5 5/16 oz, while the Xi2 is slightly more at 5 7/16 oz), it does make quite the difference. The Xi3 feels considerably lighter in hand, and balances beautifully with the big 12 weight reels (speaking of which, check out the Brand New Lamson Vanquish..will have a review of that in a few days).

With the lower weight, automatically the Xi3 is easier to cast. It is an absolute gun, and seems to handle those 90 foot plus casts better then the Xi2. For all of the casts, from 30 feet to over 90, the Xi3 feels snappier, more powerful, and just plain nicer to cast. Let the rod do the work, and you have an absolute perfect saltwater weapon.

Not only would this rod be awesome for the salt, but anything that required distance and a shooting head. The 8 weight would be an unbelievable Taimen gun.

Very simply, this is a geat upgrade from the world renowned Xi2. The Xi3 blows it out of the water.

The Xi3 is now available from our Online Fly Shop.
Be sure to check it out

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  1. Did you notice the alconite stripping guides on the Xi3 are some of the cheapest made? I cast one at it seemed light, but a tad too stiff through the butt and mid. What line were you using when testing the rods, as the flyshop I was at may have a line that was not ideal.