Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Intruder

Happy Halloween! Well, almost Halloween. I've been tying a bunch of these for a steelhead trip in November. I love these color combinations, and have tied a ton of them in these colors. They seem to just stand out, and the new Rhea we have in stock has proven to be wonderful to work with.

SHANK - Partridge waddington 35mm
LOOP - 30 Firewire, twice looped (for strength and stability)
THREAD - black
HOOK - Tiemco 600sp, #2
TAIL - Orange Artic Fox spun, followed by Black Artic Fox Spun, Followed by Black and Dark Orange rhea wrapped around it. Followed by Orange Amherst
BODY - Black and Orange Lagartun flat braid
HACKLE - Black followed by Dark Orange Rhea over spun Orange Artic Fox. Followed by Orange Amherst and Black Holographic Flashabou
COLLAR/Head -Black Artic Fox Spun
HEAD - Spirit River Real Eyes

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