Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Easiest Streamer Fishing tip

We get this a lot at the shop:
"When fishing streamers, i get lots of hits and grabs, but don't get a lot to hand".
The quickest conclusion is that most people are setting the hook just like they would had they been eaten on a dry fly. Tip Setting (yanking your tip to the sky) is one of those things that will kill your success rate while streamer fishing. Not only will it rip the fly out of the fishes mouth, it will usually rip the fly right out of the water, eliminating any further opportunities for that fish to continue pursuit.
A very simple solution that solves both the ripping the fly out of the fishes mouth, and keeping your fly in the water even after being grabbed and missed is doing a Strip Set.
With your rod tip low to the water and pointed directly at the fly line (any slack in the system will make you lose fish), strip the fly line in a hauling motion without raising the rod tip. The rod hand should also pull back and away from the fly line hand for more force. This is virtually the same as the set for tarpon, bonefish, etc etc.
Do it all right, and you'll land more fish!

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