Monday, October 4, 2010

Gear Maintenance-Cleaning Reels

Fall is the perfect time for going through your gear and making sure everything is in good working order as well as clean.

Whether you fish during the winter or not, it's a good idea to clean up your stuff and maintain around this time of year. It'll work better and last longer. If you fish the Bow a lot you'll notice stuff gets dirty quick.

First item I normally clean up are my reels.

1) I inspect the reel, make sure everything (screw, spools, etc.) is tight.
2) Give the fly line a thorough cleaning. I soak the line in warm water for about 10 minutes and then use the Scientific Anglers line cleaning system. In this case, the line is shot. It's got 2 seasons on it and has reached the end of it's life so I will remove it and replace after cleaning the reel.
3) Next step is to clean the body of the reel. I use a rag with a tiny bit of Windex. Use a Q-Tip to clean inside porting (holes) and other tough to get at spots. Put a VERY little bit of synthetic grease on the spool post to lubricate.

4) After the body of the reel I clean the spool. The reel shown is a sealed drag reel so I only have to clean. if you have a Spring and Pawl reel a tiny bit of synthetic grease on the pawl pivots and reel post is a good idea. keep in mind that excessive grease just means mess and more dirt. just use a little bit. DO NOT USE OIL ON ANYTHING BUT CORK DRAGS!
5) if you have a cork drag reel like and Islander, completely oil the cork with synthetic oil and allow to soak in before re-installing spool.
6) Re-install spool and in this case install new line for continued use or storage.
Last two years lines for disposal.

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