Sunday, November 28, 2010

2010 Year In Review

Over the last year several CP customers caught some pretty nice fish on our trips. Just a quick "grip and grin" salute to them.

We had quite a number of customers achieve a Grand Slam in 2010. Some their first, some not.
A Grand Slam is when an angler catches 3 species consisting of a Permit, a Tarpon, a Bonefish, Snook, or Mutton Snapper in the same day ( I know, most of you know that, but some don't).
Here are a few (most photos of the Permit, that's the hard one!)

John Bonin with the Permit from one of his Grand Slams. I think this was also a Super Slam (Permit, Bonefish, tarpon, and Snook in the same day)
Mike Schaalje, not his first Permit hooked but first landed.

Dave Addie....Dave actually hooks more Permit than any six anglers, it's amazing. Only problem is he is continuously figuring out new ways for them to come unbuttoned.

Greg Moffat's first Permit and GS. He was a little happy, calling me on the skiff radio to tell me all about it.

Steve Doolan with his first Permit and Grand Slam. He caught this fish within a half hour of Greg Moffat, his skiff partner catching a Permit. Not bad for a morning.

Eugen Helzl, the Austrian fishin' machine.

Dave Pryce, not his first Permit but his first GS. I got to watch this one, he was my skiff partner. I like to watch!

Sean Furlong giving us his "No Big Deal, Is my shirt pressed?, How's my hair?" look.

It was pretty cool being around for all of these. The "first time Permit" were great, the grins never get old.

There was a whole bunch of other cool stuff that went on around the world on our trips in 201o. we'll have more coming.

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