Monday, April 23, 2012

Fishing Reports!

Bow River Report –April 23, 2012

Some of the best spring dry fly fishing ever on the Bow has been happening over the last couple of weeks. With only one little hiccup in weather about a week ago, things have been fishing pretty darn good!

Most of the dry fly fishing occurs later in the day. There have been more midges than we can ever remember. Slow and dead water areas are literally covered with shuck in the afternoons.

Streamer fishing has been inconsistent but good at times. The nymph fishing kind of backed off this past weekend, not being as productive as it had been. The fish are likely only seeing midge larvae in the millions.

BWO’s have been around for a bit now. The first cloudy day we get in the next week will likely see them hatching in big numbers with maybe even some fish eating them.

Hatches: Midges, BWO’s, Skwalas

Streamers: Gonga-Rust #2, Geek Leech Olive/Black #2, Bush’s Witch Doctor, C/H R/L Bow River Bugger-Black #4

Nymphs: Yeager’s TB Soft Hackle-Hares Ear #14, Jimmy Legs- Peacock #6, Prince Nymph #16, Copper John - Black #14

Dry Flies: CDC Griffiths Gnat #18, Wilcox’s Micro Midge #20, Hippie Stomper-Black #14, Etha Wing Dun - BWO #18

Crowsnest River Report – April 23, 2012

Visibility is at about 2 feet on the Crow. Levels are up a bit as well.
Midges and BWO’s are kicking around.

Hatches: Midges, BWO’s

Streamers: Morrish Wooly Sculpin #4, Near Nuff Sculpin-Tan #4, Geek Leech-Brown #2

Nymphs: Bloom’s Tung Dart #14, Tung Stud-Olive #16, Hogan’s Good and Plenty-Olive #14,
Jimmy Legs - Dk. Brown #8

Dries: CDC Griffiths Gnat #20, Wilcox’s Micro Midge #20, Etha Wing Dun - BWO #18

High Country River Report – April 23, 2012

High country streams are closed until June 16, 2012

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