Friday, April 20, 2012

Tarpon Town Report

Been back for a couple days now.....and people have been asking about my experiences at
TARPON TOWN in Campeche, Mexico. I spent 6 days fishing with Tarpon Town, owned
by Raul Castaneda and his wife, Laura. This is a pretty cool, and different, fishery.

Campeche is a beautiful city, filled with stunning colonial architecture and great restaurants.
You can stroll through the central part of the city in the evening and watch carnivals, family picnics,
and always feel safe.

Lodging is very comfortable, utilizing the Ocean View Hotel which is right on the Malecon (coast)
in Campeche. The boats pick you up right in front of the hotel and away you go.
Oh, and did I mention there are a bunch of excellent restaurants.

You can upgrade to a very high end hotel in downtown Campeche. Your wife will love it!
But quite frankly its more of a hassle for fishing as Raul needs to pick you up and take you to the marina
every day. The Ocean View is more than nice enough.

Raul does have plans in place to build his own, stand alone, lodge in the near future.

One of tarpon Town's guides, Juan, hold a little Tarpon from one of the hundreds of creeks
available to fish. The Tarpon you will see will be primarily in the 5 to 25 pound range.
They do see fish up to around 40-50 rolling on the outside flats. They also have Snook, up to
20 pounds!
The reserve extends east from Campeche for the better part of a hundred miles.
You can fish 2 minutes from the dock, all the way east to bigger Tarpon, about a 90
minute run. It is inshore and very smooth  running in the Pangas.
I don't know I have ever seen such expanse of Mangrove structures, grass flats, or
extensive network of creeks.

Tarpon Town uses well appointed Pangas. A great setup for this fishing.

A good angler can jump a lot of fish here. A couple anglers I know have jumped
near a hundred Tarpon in a week. If asked for my recommendation, I would suggest
a maximum of 3 or 4 days at this location. A full week is maybe over the top. It's
a perfect spot to do a few days before or after a family holiday near Cancun, or tagged
on to a permit trip in Ascension Bay.

Costs are very reasonable and packages are flexible.
Country Pleasures will be offering booking services to Tarpon Town, give us a call
for more information.

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