Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Nice Words From Lefty

The week after we were down at the Palometa Club in March,
Lefty Kreh made his first visit to The Palometa Club.
Here's his review for The Angling Report......

Lefty Kreh’s Trip Report for Angling Report

Hi Don,

Here are my comments about the Palometa Club in Punta Allen, Mexico. Feel free to edit my language I have always been a fisherman and not a writer. If you have any questions I’ll be home the next few days—gone on the weekend be back Monday and Tuesday.

I think my first trip was in the 1980’s to Pez Maya so far as I know was the only fishing lodge on the southern end of the Peninsula south of Tulum, Mexico. This was well before they built any bridge you cross when traveling from Cancun to Ascension Bay. I think a hurricane later destroyed the camp. Since then I have fished several times from that area south to Espiritu Santo Bay.

With several friends of mine we spent the first five days of March at Palometa Club Lodge at Punta Allen, a few miles from Ascension Bay where last year clients caught and released 150 permit. We came to catch permit on the fly.

Unfortunately the weather was poor to bad for four of our five days despite that seven permit were caught and as I write this 130 have been landed this season.

Owners Kaye and Dick Cameron run one of the finest fishing lodges I’ve stayed anywhere. It’s a no frills, clean, comfortable place where they make you feel like a good friend the day you arrive.

I have fished from pangas in the Sea of Cortez and other places around the planet and when told we would do so here I was a little dismayed at how pangas might work on the flats. Guides poled the 23 footers silently in a foot of water and when crossing open water in unfriendly seas I was delighted we weren’t in a flats skiff.

An outstanding feature of Palometa is each panga carries two guides who function as a well oiled team. One poles while the other stands beside the angler managing line and locating fish. When a permit is sighted if possible the angler and guide wade to it. This helps immeasurably to insure a hook up. It is the first time I’ve seen two guides working from the same boat and was impressed how much it assisted the angler.

Another asset to the operation is all the guides own their boats and motors. Over the years I have seen guides abuse boats and or motors simply because they were lodge owned. All of the boats at Palometa were surgery room clean, comfortable and the motors in top condition.

There is no question in my opinion if you want to catch a permit on the fly you stand a better chance here than any place I know.

- Lefty Kreh

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