Monday, May 4, 2015

Fishing Reports-May 4

Bow River Report – May 4, 2015

It’s been quite the spring on the Bow this year. Bugs are showing up way earlier than normal and at times we have had dry fly fishing to equal anything we have ever seen in the spring.

Skwalas have been around for the last few weeks and fish are looking up for them. BWO’s continue later in the day, much better on cloudy/bad weather days.
March Brown hatches have been epic the last few days with fish up to them here and there.

Most of the dry fly fishing is best in the afternoon/evening, so stonefly nymph, wire worms, or midge larva under an indicator will work well to fill in before you can find some snouts.

All of the boat launches are now open for your floating enjoyment.

Hatches: BWO’s, March Browns, Skwala Stoneflies

Dry Flies: Bitterfork Skwaller, Periscope March Brown, Etha Wing Dun-BWO

Nymphs: Jimmy Legs-Peacock #8, Chubby Cousin, Tungsten Zebra Midge

Streamers: C/H Bow River Bugger-Black, Love Bunny

Crowsnest River Report – May 4, 2015

Reports have been very good from the Crow in the last week. Mostly nymphing stuff, but some good stories about dry fly as well. Should start to see Salmonflies in the next couple weeks.

Hatches:  BWO’s, March Browns

Dries: Marc brown Parachute, Etha Wing Dun-BWO
Nymphs: Jimmy Legs-Dk. Brown #6, B/H Prince Nymph

Streamers:  Geek Leech, Gonga, Gartside Leech

High Country River Report – May 4, 2015

The High Country Streams are closed until June 16.

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