Monday, August 17, 2009

A few item highlights - Simplifying your fishing

There's some products in the shop that we feel deserve some highlighting.
Here's a few of them, we'll focus on 'gear simplifying' today:

Simms Sling Pack:
The sling pack will certainly become a favourite for steelheaders and anglers trying to simplify. It's a no-nonsense pack that gives you quick access to flies and tippets, then swing out of your way. No more tangling running line on that 100 foot cast, and it is built to last (and a price that can't be beat).
Sage Double Rod/Reel Case:
We sell a ton of these to anglers that are looking to simplify access to their rods. Keep your rods fully rigged up for your next day on the river. Bring the case in a drift boat and you have instant access to your foam-bug rod when the streamer fishing slows.


Cliff's Super Day's Worth Fly Box:
Midges, Meat, and Mayflies - Oh My! The triple layer design allows you to effectively hold a ton of different sized flies. One of the cooler features is the Magnetic Compartment. Perfect for holding all your small nymphs (or when you're rushing through your box as a 26" brown is refusing your latest creation). It's also a nearly indesructible box.

This box was awarded the Ka-Ching award at the Fly Fishing Retailer World Trade Expo


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