Friday, August 21, 2009

Southern Alberta River Reports

Trico on the Bow

Me and Caity floated the Bow with George Beasley on Tuesday and had a ton of fun.

Caitlin with a very nice bright day Hopper Rainbow

Here's the reports from Southern Alberta as of late

The Bow River:
The river is fishing well again, especially on dark days. The Trico fishing in the morning has been pretty good, and a non-windy day goes a long way in finding rising fish.
The hopper fishing has been pretty good on overcast days, and the fish are definitely responding negatively to bright days. Find some cloud cover, and you'll find rising fish.

Even with the hot weather, there is no need to heavy nymph to find fish. Hoppers love the hot weather, and fishing a big hopper in choppy water off of high banks, or mid-river slots can definitly produce some amazing fish. A dropper can be added if you like, but we've been taking to cutting off the dropper lately to get closer to the banks and finding more fish on top.

Caddis fishing has been ok, but with the rain we've been getting in the afternoon's and evenings has made it a lot harder to find a substantial hatch.

The Oldman River:
The Oldman is high and has some color. It is very reminiscent of the last week of June, first week of July flows and color. The water is very cold for the time of year, and the fish aren't too happy about it. You'll find the odd rising fish, but the hopper/stonefly fishing has not been great like the previous years. Could take a while to drop, considering how high the flows are right now. Most spots are tough to cross, and I'd reccomend picking your crossings carefully.

The Highwood River:
The Highwood is much higher for this time of year then previous years, but the water is clear. However, the water is cold and can make finding happy rising fish a little harder. Keep walking and you'll be sure to find a few.

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