Sunday, February 7, 2010


The Bonefish Crab is a relatively simple pattern to tie and works for both Bonefish and Permit. When you find Bonefish actively foraging for crabs around coral this is a "go to" bug.

Oh, and I might have mentioned, Permit eat it too.

Hook: Tiemco 811s #6 or equivalent

Thread: Ultra Thread 140 Tan

Eyes: Lead Dumbell Medium

Claws: Grizzly Marabou-Tan or Olive

Body: Tuffleye cut to shape abd colored

Legs: Loco Legs - Grass Shrimp Olive

Step 1: Apply Tuffleye Finish material to a sheet of plastic. Let spread until consistent at about 1/16" thick.

Step 2: Use activation light on Tuffleye. After using light on top flip plastic over and use light on back side of sheet as well.

Step 3: Using Crab Body Cutters, or freehand using scissors, cut body shapes out of Tuffleye. Epoxy will not work as it will crack.

Photo above shows apprximate thickness.

Step 3: Start tyng fly. Tie in lead eyes right behind eye of hook using Zap Gel so they do not move on shank when fishing. Make sure eyes are right against eye of hook.

Step 4: Wrap back to rear of shank and tie in 2 Grizzly Marabou pieces. X wrap so they split into 45 degree angles as shown. Coat with Hard as Hull cement and pull on each piece of marabou to thin out.

Photo shows apppearance of marabou making claws.

Step 5: Tie in 3 pairs of rubber legs at mid point on shank.

Step 6: Apply Zap Gel to shank and place one piece of cut body on top of shank as shown. At this time, position legs so they are spread out and angled towards eye of hook (as shown). Once positioned to satisfaction, apply Zap Gel to shank side of Tuffleye, coating entire surface. Do not use too much, just a light coat.

Step 7: Apply second piece of Tuffleye on other side of shank and compress with fingers.

Step 8: Tie overhand knots in legs at desire length and cut to length.

Step 9: Color to taste and coat both sides with Hard as Hull Cement.


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