Saturday, March 13, 2010

Meet Louie The Fish

He's not really a fish! But he is a really good artist!

Caity got him to do a Permit for my present this past Xmas.

His work is spectacular!


  1. I grew up with Louie in Connecticut. He was the most authentic fisherman I've ever known. When most of us were thinking about trying to get dates, Louie was out trying to find new fishing spots. He certainly progressed to finding out about ladies, but he never stopped caring about how to find fish. He just seemed locked into the natural world more than most of us could understand.

    His love of the outdoors seems to get channeled into his carvings. Take a look at his stuff. Call him and listen to his voice. He's the real deal.

    Jocko Rogers
    Retired San Francisco Police Inspector

  2. Hi Jocko, and aloha ya'll! Thanks for the compliments. Jocko and I were both deckhands in Conn as kids, on sport fishing boats. I was also a fanatic fly fisher. At 14, on opening day, I landed two sea run browns, 24 inches and 26 inches, the biggest in the state that day. I was a fly guide in New Zealand for 20 years and now a bonefish guide in Honolulu for the past 8 years. I have a lot of photos on Facebook under Louiethefish DeNolfo.
    I have a house in Turangi, New Zealand, and I host anglers there from December to March each year. Fabulous fishing at a very low cost, so lets hook up.
    Happy hooking and tightlines,
    Louie the Fish!