Sunday, March 14, 2010

What's In Your Box

Mike Gifford's Streamer Box

"Like my other boxes, I use the M-Series because it fits my pack and it's light. I store flies in large storage boxes and re-supply my day use boxes for my fanny pack as needed. I have eclectic tastes in streamers. I prefer big flies ( I'll often use Steelhead Patterns) on floating lines fished as fast as I can move them, but when the fish aren't in to that I'll switch to Clousers, Geek Leeches, and 1/4 Pound Buggers.
If I can stay with the floating lines, great, but if high water or fish moods dictate I'll switch up to a 200 or 250 grain Streamer Express. The Express lines work great for getting the fly right in front of their faces."

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