Friday, July 9, 2010

How to make the most out of your waders

Breathable wader; they were a god send in the eighties. Anglers looking for an escape from heat exhaustion flocked to fly shops to get a look at these new "cool" waders and would pay an arm and a leg for them.
Now an angler can pick up a pair of breathables for a reasonable price, they are the only choice for most anglers. The perks? Cooler in hot weather, lighter and more comfortable. How? Breathable membrane cloth that allows water vapor (sweat) to exit but prevents liquid water from entering (unless from over top!!!).

But to get the most out of these magnificent creations
you need to wear the right stuff under them.

HOT weather:
Lets face it, sometimes we need to wear waders in hot weather. Right now is a perfect example, for those of us with feeling in our feet, the water temp in pretty cold but the air temp can reach 30 degrees. A bit of a conundrum, freeze in the water and scorch in the sun. Wearing the right layers under those waders will help keep you cool in the heat while giving you the protection from the chilly water.
A single, light weight, wicking layer will allow sweat to move from the skin to the wader and be removed from the wader. We like the Simms Rivertek Bottom.
COLD weather:
In cold weather, layering multiple layers of varying thicknesses (all have to be wicking) will give you warmth while still maintaining "breathability".
We like to start with a next to skin light layer that will quickly remove sweat from the skin like the Simms Rivertek Bottom. Next, a heavy layer like the Simms Guide Fleece Bottom will provide warmth while still wicking moisture away. If the weather is extremely cold, additional layers can be added like a mid weight layer in between the light and heavy layers. Just make sure that all the bulky layers won`t exceed the size limitations of your waders.

Keep in mind, the same layering techniques can be used for your upper layers as well but sun protection (UPF) should also be incorporated into the fabric.

Speaking of which, make sure you have the sunscreen on today!!!

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