Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Meet Zach...

Most of you have probably already seen or spoken to Zach on the phone but you may know nothing about the kid. We asked him some questions so you could get to know him a bit better!

"I began fly fishing when I was seven years old on small mountain streams, it was mostly (fishing for) tiny rainbows with the odd brooktrout thrown in."

"My favourite species to throw at would be anything that swims. It doesn't matter if its rising brown trout or arctic grayling."

"For me, the most challenging obstacle to overcome when learning to fly fish was landing a fish. The first two years were fishless, unless my Dad hooked them and handed me the rod."

"My best fishing moment was catching a 22" cutthroat on a rather large dry fly that I had tied, in a stream you could almost jump across."

"Fly Fishing to me is something I love. I have no idea why I love it but it keeps me wanting more."

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