Friday, May 13, 2011


Bow River Report –May 12, 2011

Unbelievably, we are actually seeing temperatures reaching 20 Celsius finally. There have been some pretty good days on BWO’s, but it doesn’t seem to happen every day as the bugs are heavier some days and not others.

A few Caddis have been spotted in the last couple of days. This warmer weather might actually get that going.

The river clarity is fine until Fish Creek, still fishable below there, but absolutely pooched below the Highwood. Both the Sheep and Highwood are pretty dirty right now and are coming up in level.

Streamer fishing has been pretty good. Stonefly nymphs, Pheasant Tails, etc, are a good bet right now as well.

Get out there! Probably have about 3-4 weeks before runoff, providing nothing weird happens (none of that happening this year!)

Hatches: Midges, BWO’s

Streamers: ¼ Pound Bugger-Brown #4, Clouser Deep Minnow-Black #2, Geek Leech-Purple #4, Darth Zonker-Black #2, Bush’s Town Run, Dirk Wiggler-Black, Articulated leech-Black, Jawbreaker-Black

Nymphs: Reese’s Pieces #8, San Juanabe Worm #6, Yeager’s TB Soft Hackle-Hares Ear #14, Morrish Conestone-Golden #6, Morrish WMD-Golden Stone #8, Tungsten Soft Hackle-Pheasant Tail #14

Dry Flies: Yeager’s Neversink Gnat #20, Palomino Midge-Black #18,
Quigley’s Film Critic-BWO #18, Quigley’s Loop Wing Dun - BWO #18

Crowsnest River Report – May 12, 2011

Last we heard from the Crow was late last week and the visibility was at about 12 inches. With this warm weather that is likely to not improve for a while.

If we hear any improvement we’ll update right away.

There are sectional closures on the Crow until June. Check the regulations before heading out.

Hatches: Midges, BWO, Little Black Stoneflies

Streamers: Brunette Leech, Chamois Leech.

Nymphs: Pheasant-Tail, Hare's Ear, Copper John, Tung Stud, and San Juan Worm

Dries: Silvey’s Hatching Midge, Quigley’s Cluster, Quigley’s Film Critic-BWO #18, Quigley’s Loop Wing Dun - BWO #18

High Country River Report – May 12, 2011

The high country streams are now closed until June 2011.

Hatches: Doesn’t really matter!




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