Sunday, May 15, 2011

Yeti Cooler Test

So, I removed a bench out of my jet and installed a Yeti 65 Tundra Cooler with a seat pad this spring.
It's test trip was out to the Skeena area last week and holy sh*&@, they are amazing!

I put about a dozen and a half cold pop and water in the cooler the day before we left. After arriving in Terrace a day and a half later the drinks were still as cold as when they went in.

I didn't need to put any ice in all week. I put cold pop in as we ran out as well as our lunches. Everyhting stayed super cool, even at the end of the week when temperatures got to about 18 celsius with direct sun on the cooler most of the day. These things are pretty awesome!

The seat pad works perfect for running, very comfortable and stable, and it turns out that it also passes Caitlin's "Sleep Test" with flying colors.

If you want to see the line of Tundra coolers, stop in to the shop or you can purchase online at

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