Saturday, July 16, 2011

Marinated in Awesomeness

Hi Zach!
If I told you what’s working on the Bow, I’d have to kill you. Just kidding…. this time. This week we landed the first few fish on stone dries and all we can say is FINALLY! It certainly isn’t rock’em sock’em awesome fishing on the Barrett’s Golden Stone but if you work hard, you’ll find a few fish. Trust me it’s worth it if you do!
The Jimmy Legs are still the go-to bug right now. Lately, it seems like as soon as they hit the water something wants to eat them. There are tons of stonefly nymphs around and a few adults, so let’s hope for it to heat up over the next few days.
There are some insanely stupid fish chowing down on caddis and PMDs so keep an eye out for snouts.
All river accesses are again open and available for public use including Jensen’s (Legacy Island) and Carseland. The jet boaters are mad but drift boaters finally get access to the bottom third of the river again!
Average Bow Brown!
The high country streams are still chilly but clear and dropping. The fish are getting happier, so stack your boxes with JC Specials.
Stampede is in full swing, so if you’re in Calgary be sure to check it out, I’ll stick with avoidance.

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