Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Bow River Report –July 12, 2011

Dry fly fishing has been getting better and better. More and more fish are getting on the Caddis and PMDs. We are seeing more Stonefly adults in the last 3 or 4 days but it is certainly not in full swing yet. I would guess that in the last 3 days, and likely for the next 3 or 4, the fish will see way more fake ones than real ones.

Stonefly nymphs continue  to rock and roll.

Don’t forget! Legacy Island and Carseland accesses are closed until further notice. Waiting to hear about Legacy.

Hatches: Caddis, PMDs, Golden Stones

Streamers: ¼ Pound Bugger-Brown #4, Clouser Deep Minnow-Black #2, Geek Leech-Purple #4, Darth Zonker-Black #2, Bush’s Town Run, Dirk Wiggler-Black, Articulated leech-Black, Jawbreaker-Black, Party Boy-Black

Nymphs: Reese’s Pieces #8, San Juanabe Worm #6, Morrish Conestone-Golden #6, Morrish WMD-Golden Stone #8, Gob-O-Worms

Dry Flies: Bloom’s Parachute Caddis-Olive #16, Neversink Caddis,

Film Critic-PMD #16, Berrett’s Golden Stone, Berrett’s Mutant Stone

Crowsnest River Report – July 12, 2011
The Crow has been dropping nicely until last night. Took a big jump early this morning, likely from a rain event.
Like always, it will drop quickly and dry fly fishing will continue.
Hatches: Golden Stones, PMD, Caddis
Streamers: Brunette Leech, Chamois Leech.
Nymphs: Pheasant-Tail, Hare's Ear, Copper John, Tung Stud, and San Juan Worm, Morrish Conestone, Rock “n” Roller Stone
Dries: Hopper-Popper-Golden #6, Chenobyl Ant-Brown/Tan #6, Berrett’s Mutant Stone #6, Spun Hair Dun-PMD #16, Neversink Caddis

High Country River Report – July 12, 2011
Word from the hills has been pretty good. Everything is shaping up nicely and people are catching a bunch of fish.
Some thunderstorms have caused a little short-term color on the Highwood and Sheep. Shouldn’t last long if we don’t get any more heavy rain or hailstorms.
Hatches:  Stoneflies, Caddis
Streamers:  Darth Zonker-Black #4, Hare Sculpin #2
Nymphs:  Morrish Conestone-Golden # 6, Bitch Creek #6, Stream-A Stone, B/H Prince Nymph #14
Dries:  Berretts Golden Stone #8, Mutant Stone,


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