Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Bow River Report –August 10, 2011

Water levels are at their lowest for 2011 so far and very little color is left. Sight fishing is more than possible with this visibility.

Seeing more and more fish on Caddis and yes, still PMD’s as the water has dropped. Tricos starting to show up but likely a little while before we a lot of fish on them. Seeing way more Hoppers on banks than there should be considering the cool, wet spring. Some banks are actually loaded with Hoppers. Could be good for the next couple of months if the weather stays somewhat dry and stable.

Hopper/Dropper has been producing well over the last few days with fish showing up high on bars and seams for the first time this year.

Streamer fishing has been up and down, with some days being electric and others being just plain work. If it’s cloudy the streamer fishing will almost certainly be good.

Although Legacy is advertised as open, it is very difficult to use and only serious four wheel drives will work.

Hatches: Caddis, PMDs, Tricos

Streamers: Gonga-Rust #2
                   Mini Loop Sculpin-Tan #6
                   Clouser Deep Minnow-Black/White #2
                   Garrett’s Bellydancer Bullhead-Olive #4
                   Bush’s Witch Doctor

Nymphs:  Morrish Conestone-Golden #8
                Yeager’s TB Soft Hackle-Hares Ear #14
                Holo Prince-Blue #14
                Kingrey’s Golden Stone #8
                Bloom’s Tung Dart #14
                Morrish Super Pupa TB - Amber #12

Dry Flies: Bloom’s Parachute Caddis-Olive #16
                 Bloom’s CDC Caddis-Olive #16
                 Berrett’s Mutant Stone #8
                 Yeager’s Tantrum-Tan #10
                 Quigley’s Film Critic-PMD #16

Crowsnest River Report – August 10, 2011

Reports from anglers who have fished the Crow indicate fishing from kind of tough to really good, depending on the day, or even time of day.

One thing for sure, there are some very big fish being caught on the Crow this year.

Hopper/Dropper techniques with smaller bead heads have been quite effective.

If you keep looking, you’ll likely see some rising fish here and there.

Hatches: Golden Stoneflies, Yellow and Lime Sally Stoneflies, Caddis, PMD’s, Quill Gordon, and Green Drakes

Streamers: Karnopp’s Space Invader-Brown/Yellow #4
                   Morrish Wooly Sculpin #4
                   Near Nuff Sculpin-Tan #4
                   C/H R/L Bow River Bugger-Black #6
                   Geek Leech-Brown #2
                   Chamois Leech-Black #2

 Nymphs:    Bloom’s Tung Dart #14
                  Tung Stud-Olive #16
                  Karnopp’s Keystone-Golden #8
                  B/H R/L Hares Ear #14
Dries:         Green Drake Parachute #12
                  Quigley’s Midget Caddis-Olive #16
                  Hogan’s Sipper-PMD #16
                  Chubby Chernobyl-Tan #10
                  Yeager’s 409-Black #10

High Country River Report – August 10, 2011
For the most part, it sounds like the high country stuff is getting to summer quality fishing. VERY large Cuthroat have been caught in a few of the streams this year!
Typical of this time of year, it’s dry fly time!
Hatches:  Stoneflies, Caddis, PMDs, Green Drakes
Streamers:  Space invader-Brown/Yellow #4
                    Karnopp’s Skookum - Tan #6
                    Hare Sculpin-Olive #4
                    Bush’s Witch Doctor
                    Kiwi Muddler #2
Nymphs:  Kingrey’s Golden Stone #8
                Yeager’s TB Soft Hackle-Hares Ear #14
                B/H R/L Hares Ear #12
Dries:  Wilcox JC Special-Olive #12
            Yeager’s Neversink Drake #12
            Grillo’s El Camino #8
            Yeager’s Tantrum-Tan #10


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