Saturday, February 11, 2012

Another Intrepid Angler Report

Good friend, customer, and a very good angler, John Bonin,
was down fishing with John Kipp in the Keys recently.

he sent us these shots of a VERY nice Snook....

 In the words of Capt. Kipp:
"This fish was swimming with his back out of the water right down the very edge of the mangrove roots. That is probably the trickiest scenario as far as presentation goes. The angler must slide the fly in under the mangrove branches but just short of the roots. This is a one shot deal. There are no second casts. John it happen and the snook exploded and immediately tried to give us the rootie-toot-toot by charging directly through the barnacle encrusted roots. Luckily, John had his wits about him and did the only thing he could do to save the fish - and that was to bail out. It reminded me of the 101st Airborne over Normandy. He managed to disentangle the fish from the maze of roots and get him in the net. Usually that situation results in a lost fish. This time it worked out. It's something we'll always have to reminisce about. "

If you're down in the Keys, and are looking for a good guide,
check out John Kipp at

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