Monday, March 19, 2012


Bow River Report –March 19, 2012

Fishing has been pretty darn good over the last week. A few of us here have been out a few days and anyone through the shop who’s been fishing all agree, good fishing!

Nymphing with the Jimmy Legs has been, from all accounts, stupid!
A two fly rig with a Jimmy Legs and a smaller bead head has been quite effective.

Streamer fishing has been somewhat bipolar. At times it has been very good, other times not so much.

Still waiting on evidence of good old fashioned rising fish with consistency.

Sounds like we might have to be patient with a little step back in terms of weather for some of this week but after that it looks good.

Hatches: Midges

Streamers: Gonga-Rust #2, Geek Leech Olive/Black #2, Bush’s Witch Doctor, Exasperator Sculpin

Nymphs: Yeager’s TB Soft Hackle-Hares Ear #14, Holo Prince-Blue #14, Jimmy Legs- Peacock #6, Prince Nymph #16, Copper John - Black #14

Dry Flies: CDC Griffiths Gnat #20, Wilcox’s Micro Midge #20

**Guide’s Picks In Bold

Crowsnest River Report – March 19, 2012

Our apologies, but we haven’t been down to the Crow of late and haven’t heard diddly about what’s happening.

Having said that, March and April can offer some pretty good fishing on the Crow, perfect to scrub off the winter doldrums. Get out there!

Hatches: Midges

Streamers: Morrish Wooly Sculpin #4, Near Nuff Sculpin-Tan #4, Geek Leech-Brown #2

Nymphs: Bloom’s Tung Dart #14, Tung Stud-Olive #16, Hogan’s Good and Plenty-Olive #14,
Jimmy Legs - Dk. Brown #8

Dries: CDC Griffiths Gnat #20, Wilcox’s Micro Midge #20

**Guide’s Picks In Bold

High Country River Report – March 19, 2012

High country streams are closed until June 16, 2012

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