Saturday, August 4, 2012

Fishing Reports

Bow River Report –August 4, 2012

The river has dropped at an insane rate over the last few days. Visibility is great as well.
The streamer fishing has been good with pretty much all of the usual ammunition working. Flies like the Sculpin Leech and Egg Sucking Leech continue to move fish in good numbers.
Smaller, bead head nymphs have taken over as the go-to patterns for nymphing. Not a bad idea to fish them under a dry as a hopper-dropper.
Kind of on the back side of the somewhat runoff hampered Stonefly hatch but we’re still getting the odd foam bug eat here and there. Good news is that there are a lot of hoppers along the river. Another week of heat and they should get rolling. This past week saw a lot more rising fish on PMD’s and Caddis. All it tokk was a little visibility, combined with a little less water.

Hatches: Caddis, PMD’s, Tricos, Pseudos on the cloudy days

Streamers: Silvey’s Sculpin Leech-Black/Olive/White #4, Egg Sucking Leech-Black, Marabou Clouser-Black/White

Nymphs: Tungsten Biotic Nymph-Olive #12, Tung Stud-Olive #14, Tung Dart

Dry Flies: Quigley’s Film Critic-PMD #16, Bloom’s Parachute Caddis, Berrett’s Hopper

**Guide’s Picks In Bold

Crowsnest River Report – August 4, 2012

Pretty low and clear. All things good on the Crow!

Hatches: Caddis, PMD’s, Quill Gordon Mayflies, Green Drakes, Golden, Yellow, and Lime Sally Stoneflies.

Streamers: Near Nuff Sculpin-Tan #4, Geek Leech-Brown #2

Nymphs: Hogan’s Rubber Stone-Golden #8, Holo Prince

Dries: Hair Wing Green Drake, Berrett’s Mutant Stone #6, Grillo’s El Camino-Golden #8, PMD Flag Dun, AC Caddis, Elk Hair Caddis

**Guide’s Picks In Bold
High Country River Report – August 4, 2012

For the first time this season, we can now say that everything high country is pretty much “rock & roll”! Very good fishing on rivers such as the Livingston, Oldman, etc.

Hatches: Green Drakes, Stoneflies, Caddis, PMD’s

Streamers: Sleech-Pink, Medusa-Fleshy

Nymphs: Jimmy Legs - Dk. Brown #8, Hogan’s Rubber Stone-Golden #8

Dries: Grillo’s El Camino #8, AC Caddis, PMD Thorax, Neversink Drake

**Guide’s Picks In Bold

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