Monday, August 20, 2012

Fishing Reports

Bow River Report –August 20, 2012

Pretty decent fishing over the last several days, other than the massive water drop last Wednesday, that wasn’t so good.
Hopper fishing has been pretty good, we’re seeing more Caddis, and Tricos are getting going!
Like always, the lower light (cloudy) days will fish easier.

Hatches: Hoppers, Caddis, PMD’s, Tricos, Pseudos on the cloudy days

Streamers: Slap-N-Tickle, C/H R/L Bugger-Black, Egg Stealing Super Sculpin

Nymphs: Tung Stud, Peacock Water Boatman, TB Biotic Nymph

Dry Flies: Berrett’s Golden Stone-Barred Leg, Frankenhopper, Slice Above Hopper, Bloom’s CDC Caddis, Glitter Flag Ant

Crowsnest River Report – August 20, 2012

Good, but technical conditions continue on the Crow. If you find fish they may take a little time to figure out what they’ll eat.

Hatches: Caddis, PMD’s, Quill Gordon Mayflies, Green Drakes, Hoppers

Streamers: Bead Crystal Bugger, Jawbreaker

Nymphs: Holo Prince, Queen Prince, TB Biotic Nymph

Dries: Periscope Green Drake, Film Critic-PMD, Wilcox Low Rider, Berrett’s Cricket, Morrish Hopper

High Country River Report – August 20, 2012

Very good to excellent reports from all of the high country stuff right now. Only negative would be they sound like they’re busy.

Hatches: Green Drakes, Stoneflies, Caddis

Streamers: Sleech-Pink, Hare Sculpin (Double Bunny)

Nymphs: B/H Prince #14, TB Green Rock Worm, Queen Prince

Dries: Berrett’s Emerging Green Drake, Hippie Stomper, Neversink Trude, Dominick’s Sprucie

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