Thursday, June 23, 2016

Fishing Reports - Summer Solstice Edition

First fishing reports of the summer! Those others were just spring solstice versions...nowhere near as good.

Bow River Report – June 23,  2016

River levels have been stable at, or just shy of, 80 CMS for the better part of the week. Lower than normal by a ways but at least stable.

There’s been a LOT of bugs around lately. Caddis and PMDs being the most prevalent. There’s been a reasonably good number of rising fish on both. Most of the good Caddis fishing has been right at the end of the day but on days with some cloud there’s been fish up on them throughout the day.
Mid afternoon for the PMD’s for the most part. If it’s cloudy and you look for them you’ll likely find some fish up on them.
Based on the night time emergence seen the last couple of nights we are right on the edge of peak emergence of the Stoneflies. Been getting a reasonable  amount of eats on Chubbys, etc. but it’s likely going to “go off” any day.

Nymphing has been good, particularly with Stonefly nymphs. You can fish them either with an indicator rig or as a hopper/dropper with a Stonefly dry.

Streamer fishing has been pretty good. Leeches or something small and bright like a Kreelex Minnow. The fish have been eating them all day so streamer are a great choice if you don’t feel like nymphing in between rising fish.

Hatches:  Caddis, PMD’s, Stoneflies

Dry Flies:  Chubby Chernobyl-Gold or Tan #10, Berrett’s Barred Leg Golden Stone #10, Spent Partridge Caddis, Bloom’s Parachute Caddis, Film Critic-PMD

Nymphs:   Jimmy Legs-Coffee, Sexy Stone, Tung Dart, Tung Stud-Olive #14

Streamers:  Kreelex Minnow, Pseudo Sculpin, Circus Peanut, Skiddish Smolt,
                   TB Squirrel leech.

Crowsnest River Report – June 23, 2016

The Crow is kind of blowing up right now. Fishing has been really good on Stonefly dries and nymphs.

It is ridiculously low for the end of June at 4.5 cms. Pray for rain and cooler weather.

Hatches:  Golden Stoneflies, PMD’s, Caddis

Dries: Chubby Chernobyl-Gold or Tan #10, Bank Robber, Nobel Chernobyl,
         E/C Caddis, Yeager’s Foam Caddis, Helen Keller PMD, PMD Stacker  

Nymphs:  Rock ‘n’ Roller Stone, Parkin’s Muskrat Stone, WMD-Golden Stone
Streamers: Double Bunny, Ice Pick Streamer, Skiddish Smolt

High Country River Report – June 23, 2016

All reports from the high country were quite good since opening day last week. Dry fly fishing in clear water during the third week of June doesn’t happen very often.
Lots of Stoneflies everywhere!

Hatches:  Golden Stoneflies, PMD’s, Caddis

Dries: Chubby Chernobyl-Orange, Yellowstoner Chubby, Elk Hair Caddis, 
          Neversink Caddis, PMD Thorax

Nymphs:  Rock ‘n’ Roller Stone, Conestone, Pink Headed Stone.
Streamers: Ice Pick Streamer, Silvey’s Sculpin Leech, Medusa.

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