Monday, June 27, 2016

Gear Review- Winston BIII Plus

This past winter I was given a new Winston BIII Plus 9 weight to take on some saltwater trips. I have to admit, my expectations were to experience a slower, albeit pretty, saltwater rod.
I used the BIII Plus 9'  9 weight and switched back and forth for a few days with my usual Sage Method 909-4 so I could compare as best as possible. I then fished the Winston exclusively for 3 days to see if there were any situations that it didn't work well or if there were instances where it excelled.
here's what I came up with:

Even though not as quick as I'm used to in the Method it had all sorts of power. A number of other rods I have cast require a change in how I cast, almost babying the rods due to their slower action. At no time did I feel like I had to do that with this rod. It generates great line speed even though it's a smoother action rod.

Tracking/accuracy on the BIII Plus is fantastic. Certainly on par with great entries like the Helios 2 and Sage Konnetic technology. Plain and simple, they're really accurate fly rods.

Feel in the hand is really nice. They feel light in the hand and feel crisp/quick (if that makes any sense to all of you). It just feel great in the hand, both at the ready and while casting.

Butt strength/feel is very good with this rod. While playing fish it never felt like the rod was under-gunned,  a not uncommon issue with a number of the high end, lightweight rods of today. It's got lots of jam.

My opinion is that this rod is a better choice for a broader spectrum of anglers looking for a premiere big game rod than say the Sage Method, which is quite unforgiving.

Last, and some would argue not important is the absolutely stunning finish and construction on the Winston rods. I own Sage methods, Orvis Helios 2, and now tried this Winston. All three of these rods sell for around $1000. With the Winston and Orvis I get immaculate finishing and fitting (guides, wraps, cork, reels seats) configuration. They are absolutely stunning! Then, with brand C, I get a $1000 fly rod with cork and fitting that is, as diplomatically put as possible, mediocre. Plain black reel seats and so-so cork. Not everyone would agree, but for $1000 I want a rod that looks awesome.
The Winston rods are, and always have been, quite possibly the most beautiful rods on the market.

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