Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fishing blues

My mojo has been a little out of wack for the last month and a bit, my days off from the shop and evenings on the river have just never lined up. Looking for caddis and finding none, while a friend calls me from the other side of the river raving about the rising fish. Going 2 out of a dozen when the caddis fish were finally found. The most recent bad luck was losing a freshly stocked nymph box, giving up looking for it after donating my sunglasses to the river. I got out on the Bow yesterday (June 16th) hoping for some high water streamer action, to find the river in amazing shape. An hour without a grab, I changed up to a Witchdoctor and moved a fish almost immediately. Finally! I thought.

Then the rain started. If you`ve never been in an Alberta “monsoon”, they aren`t something to get stuck in. The water rose 20 cubic meters per second (700 cfs) in a matter of hours, and the perfect streamer water quickly turned into 4 inches of visibility with logs flowing down the river. The bad mojo was back.

Let`s hope it fixes itself by the time the Goldens are out.

Once the water gets a little more consistent, so will the streamer fishing. PMDs have been spotted below the city, and once we get some warmth and clarity they should be the bug of choice.

The Eastern Slope streams have opened with their typical muddy conditions, and not much to talk about. Once July rolls around be ready with Green Drakes and Stoneflies.
-Brent Piche

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