Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Floatant 'Techniques'

A common question we see in the shop, is what floatant we choose and why. So here's our typical floatant assortment that we use throughout the day while fishing.

Loon Aquel:

Our favourite silicon based floatant is Loon Outdoor's Aquel. Not only does it seem to float flies better then other liquid floatants, it also doesn't become an unusable liquid on 30+ degree days.

Squirt some onto your fingers, and rub until the floatant liquifies. Then apply to your fly and leader to start the day. Throughout the day apply to your fly and then use Top Ride for the most efficient float.

Do NOT use on flies that contain CDC, as you'll goop the CDC and not have a very useful fly.

Loon Top Ride:
You'll commonly hear this referred to as 'Shake and Bake'. Probably the most useful floatant we've found, this product contains a power floatant, as well as desiccant to pull to moisture from your bug. Place your fly into the contain while on the leader, close the lid and shake. Pull the fly out and blow off any remaining powder. Your fly should be good to go. This is the preferred method for CDC flies after they've been chewed on.

Using these two products in unison really does make a difference. After your fly has started to sink a bit, dry it off as best you can, apply aquel and then dip it in the 'shake'. You'll be set for your next rising fish!

ps. Probably one of the leading problems with flies and leaders not floating, is a sinking fly line. Be sure to care for your fly lines, and if the line is cracking, it's probably time to get yourself a new one!

Good fishing!

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