Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fishing Reports June 30

Bow River Report –June 30, 2010

The wet weather is but a memory now, the river looks really juicy, and water levels are dropping.

Dry fly fishing has been good, especially in the morning hours and then again late. PMDs and Caddis are present in good numbers with fish eating them. Stoneflies are present as well with some fish starting to get on them.

Nymph fishing has been quite good. Large Stones being the best bet right now.

Streamer fishing of late (last 4 days) has ranged everywhere from superb to really tough. Some banks and structures offering aggressive fish, other normally great water producing very little. Overall, streamer fishing has been pretty good with some real big fish being caught. Large, dark streamers that sink fast have been the best but as the water clears smaller streamers will be effective as well.

Hatches: PMD’s, Caddis, Stoneflies.

Streamers: Bush’ Witch Doctor, Silvey’s Sculpin Leech (Black w/ Olive, White Head), Clousers, Karnopp’s Stream-A Stone, Hickman’s Party Boy

Nymphs: Fox’s Beech Creek, Morrish’s WMD (Dark Stone), Hogan’s Chubby Cousin, Bloom’s Tung Dart, Gob-O-Worms.

Dry Flies: PMD Sparkle Dun, Quill Body Parachute-PMD, Silvey’s Hatching Mayfly-PMD, Bloom’s Parachute Caddis, Bloom’s CDC Caddis, Berretts Barred Leg-Golden Stone.

Crowsnest River Report – June 30, 2010

The Crow has dropped back down to 12 CMS, a more normal level for this time of year. As a result you can find some dry fly fishing at the Crowsnest now.

Big foam bugs can produce well right now or you can fish a big nymph through the riffles and gravel bars. Great time to catch a bunch of fish.

Hatches: Golden Stones, Yellow and Lime Sally Stoneflies, Caddis

Streamers: Brunette Leech, Chamois Leech.

Nymphs: Pheasant-Tail, Hare's Ear, Copper John, Tung Stud, and San Juan Worm

Dries: Berrett’s Barred Leg Stone, Neversink Caddis, Fat Albert-Black

High Country River Report – June 30, 2010

River levels and visibility are all much improved. Most everything is about normal for early July. High water but decent visibility

Hatches: Stoneflies, Caddis, PMD’s

Nymphs: Fox’s Beech Creek, Morrish’s WMD (Dark Stone), Hogan’s Chubby Cousin, Bloom’s Tung Dart

Dries: Berretts Barred Leg-Golden Stone, Yummy Mummy, Neversink Stone, Neversink Caddis.

Streamers: Large Olive or White, heavily weighted patterns for Bull Trout.

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