Thursday, December 2, 2010

2010 Year In Review Part 3

Some freshwater stuff of note from the past year......

Tim Swailes with a nice Babine Buck. Very deep fish for it's length.

Jim Embrey with guide, Joe Buck and a fat, foam bug Brown.

Wanna catch Brown trout close to 30" long, on #10 Fat Alberts, in a spring creek that's 15 feet wide? Southern Chile is the place for you! Maureen Gifford with a dry fly Brown.

Frank Somer, on his very first Steelhead trip. None of those two handed rods for this guy. He kicked their asses with the single hand stick all week.

Julia Hirst with her very first ever Brown Trout (actually first ever FISH!) caught on a fly rod. Took a day off hiking the rain forests and photographing Condors to outfish her husband this day in Chile.

Bert Kutos with a big Bull. Had to self photograph with the camera on a rock. Sorry about the photo quality but had to add to this post. It's a really nice Southern Alberta Bull.

Darren Wright with a pretty Babine Buck. Darren is one of the guides at Babine Norlakes Lodge. He qualifies for this post as he was on his day off and we were performing "research and development".
I might as well admit that "the bastard" stuck this one right behind me!

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