Sunday, December 5, 2010

Spring Steelhead in Terrace BC

While most think of steelheading on the Skeena as a purely fall pursuit, the spring season on the Skeena tributaries is possibly my favorite.Here's a few reasons why.

.You get to fish some REALLY cool water: A lot of the tiny coastal streams do not see a fall run of steelhead, and thus do not get the publicity of the famous rivers. On the lesser known rivers, you may never run into another angler for weeks at a time, and still have the best fishing of your life. The scenery will blow your mind as well.

However, the fish in these rivers (and creeks) can be some of the biggest of the year, and are typically very aggressive to the fly. There is also no commercial fishing at the time on the Skeena, and thus increasing your odds.

. Hot fish. Most of the spring fish are in and out of their spawning streams in relatively little time, and aren't traveling hundreds of kilometers before you encounter them. They fight as hard as any we've encountered.

Did i mention COOL water?


You might just run into one of these guys. The vast majority of the Skeena's monster kings travel to the Kalum river, and are a welcome bycatch to steelhead.

Nicholas Dean runs out of the Yellow Cedar Lodge. We've been lucky enough to spend a few nights here, and it is an absolutely stunning locale and operation.

There are a few openings for some dates in April at Nicholas Dean, and they are very affordable. This is a perfect place to introduce yourself (and become addicted) to steelheading.

Give us a shout if you want some more information.

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