Friday, December 3, 2010

Zach Southgate going to the World's

Been meaning to do a post on Zach for a while now. For those of who don't know Zach,

he's been a summer employee at the shop for 3 years now. He, like a few of us around

here is kind of a fish bum. Actually, he's maybe more psychotic about it than most of us.

There are a bunch of Brown Trout on the Bow that wish "he would just go away!"

Anyways, back to the post. Wanted to congratulate Zach on being named to the Canadian

Youth Fly Fishing Team. He will be part of the team going to Italy in August 2011 to compete

at the World Championships (if I give him the time off! Ha Ha!).

Good luck to Zach in Italy! If you're in the shop from late June until he leaves for the Worlds

you'll likely meet him. He's a little shy but he knows his stuff and can fix you up with the right

gear or information.

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