Friday, January 7, 2011

Back From The ????-Part Two

So we headed out for five and a half days of fishing in our trusty Super Duty......

Up to the ???? River, about a 90 minute drive from ????. What would normally look like this......
Looked like this! Over the next 5 days we got about 2 feet of accumulated snow on the Upper ?????.

A couple of mornings mid-week were a little adventure filled, with a ton of downed trees blocking main roads, spur roads, and trails. We spent a little time for two of our mornings doing a little "tree skidding" to clear our way.

A new pathway created with saw, rope, tow hooks and 4 X 4!
We did, however get a fair amount of fishing in.

Even with seriously dropping water temperatures and levels we managed to stick a few Steelhead here and there.

One of my Intruders that I actually hung in an Alder on purpose for a photo. All others in assorted Alders somewhat accidental.

Typical run on the ????.


  1. I've never seen that much snow up there or the river that clear! Looks like you had a great trip despite the weather. I'm heading up there in Feb so hopefully you didn't scare away all the fish.

  2. Hey Scott,
    It fished better than it should have considering the way the water temp and level was dropping. Character building fishing.

    Never really had much issue with people fishing behind me. Don't have that much impact, unless I step on 'em.