Sunday, January 23, 2011

How to tie the Chewy Whistler

The Red and Black Whistler

The whistler is a great pattern for any predatory fish. Catch Trout, Steelhead, Pike, Tarpon or almost any species of fish that prey on smaller baitfish. Mix up the color of feathers, Puglisi Brush or marabou for different species as well as the size of fly depending on your quarry. Spin one up and give it a whirl!

What you'll need: the required Materials

1. Tie in bead-chanin eyes

2. Tie in Black Buck-tail to back of hook

2. Tie in two feathers from a saltwater cape

3. Add in rubber legs

4. Add in some black crystal flash

5. Now tie in Puglisi streamer brush and wrap forward

6. Wrap forward to 1/2 cm. from eyes and clip
7. Tease fibers out of brush with bodkin

8. Tie in Black Marabou and wrap forward against eyes

9.Cinch in marabou behind the eye and whip-finish.

10. Coat head with Hard as Hull. Done!

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