Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Bow River Report –September 27, 2011

Some of the best Hopper fishing of the year has been going on in the last 4 or 5 days. If you want to go Hopper/Dropper, go with a dark nymph like a black Copper John or Prince Nymph.

Boatmen everywhere!!!!

Hatches: Hoppers, Water Boatmen, Pseudos, Baetis, October Caddis

Streamers: Gonga-Rust #2, Geek Leech Olive/Black #2, Bush’s Witch Doctor, Exasperator Sculpin

Nymphs: Yeager’s TB Soft Hackle-Hares Ear #14, Holo Prince-Blue #14, Water Boatman-Peacock #14, Prince Nymph #16, Copper John - Black #14

Dry Flies: Bloom’s CDCCaddis-Olive #16, Morrish October Caddis, Quigley’s Flag Ant-Black #16,  Morrish Hopper - Tan #10, Chubby Chernobyl-Tan #12

Crowsnest River Report – September 27, 2011

People coming back from the Crow in the last 10 days have, for the most part, indicated fishing was tough. Not to panic, it’s the same thing that happens every year when the Crow gets low and super clear…the fishing gets very technical.
For those that like small flies, spooky and picky fish, and changing flies 17 times on every fish, then the Crow is perfect for you right now.
For those that find that type of fishing somewhat insane, go directly to the riffles and fish Flying Ants of some sort.

Hatches: Hoppers, BWO’s, Boatmen

Streamers: Morrish Wooly Sculpin #4, Near Nuff Sculpin-Tan #4, Geek Leech-Brown #2

Nymphs: Bloom’s Tung Dart #14, Tung Stud-Olive #16, Hogan’s Good and Plenty-Olive #14, Water Boatman-Peacock #16

Dries: Quigley’s Midget Caddis-Olive #16, Yeager’s 409-Black #10,  Morrish Hopper- Tan #10, Quigley’s Flag Ant-Black #16

High Country River Report – September 27, 2011

The general consensus from anglers is that the high country is fishing pretty good.
Only about 5 weeks left, and with this weather you should be out there!

Hatches: Caddis, Ants, Beetles

Streamers: Karnopp’s Skookum - Tan #6, Hare Sculpin-Olive #4, Bush’s Witch Doctor

Nymphs: Yeager’s TB Soft Hackle-Hares Ear #14, B/H R/L Hares Ear #12

Dries: Grillo’s Hippie Stomper-Red #14, Wilcox JC Special-Olive #12, Yeager’s Neversink Trude-Peacock #12

**Guide’s Picks In Bold

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