Monday, June 4, 2012

Fishing Reports

Bow River Report –June 3, 2012

Everything’s still very much “All Good” with the river right now. Color and level is good. Would expect that the clock is ticking, with runoff likely to hit in the next week or so (very late this year). The levels at Banff have just started to come up in the last 48 hours so it’s still a ways away.

Dry fly fishing has been very good with good numbers of rising fish on the Caddis.

Nymphing has been good as well although not terribly necessary of late.

Streamer fishing has gotten alittle better over the last week.

Hatches: Caddis, March Browns

Streamers: Pseudo Sculpin-Olive #4, Silvey’s Sculpin Leech-Black #4, Darth Zonker-Black #2, Clouser Minnow-Black/White #2

Nymphs: Yeager’s Big Eye Hares Ear #14, Bloom’s Tung Dart #14, Jimmy Legs-Rusty Olive #6, Morrish’s WMD-Golden #8, Hogan’s Rubber Stone-Golden #8

Dry Flies: EC Caddis #16, Parachute Adams #16, Bloom’s Parachute Caddis

**Guide’s Picks In Bold

Crowsnest River Report – June 3, 2012

Excellent reports from the Crow last few days. Rising fish on March Browns. No Salmonflies yet as of Thursday.

Hatches: March Browns

Streamers: Morrish Wooly Sculpin #4, Near Nuff Sculpin-Tan #4, Geek Leech-Brown #2

Nymphs: Bloom’s Tung Dart #14, Tung Stud-Olive #16, Jimmy Legs - Dk. Brown #8, Hogan’s Rubber Stone-Golden #8

Dries: Parachute Adams #14, Prices Periscope-March Brown #14

**Guide’s Picks In Bold

High Country River Report – June 3, 2012

High country streams are closed until June 16, 2012

North Country River Report – June 3, 2012

Had several good reports from the streams north of Calgary. Stauffer sounds like it’s fishing tough but some of the others are pretty good.

Hatches: March Browns, Stoneflies

Streamers: Morrish Wooly Sculpin #4, Near Nuff Sculpin-Tan #4, Geek Leech-Brown #2

Nymphs: Tung Stud-Olive #16, Hogan’s Rubber Stone-Golden #8

Dries: EC Caddis #14, Price’s Periscope-March Brown #14

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