Sunday, June 24, 2012


By Friday of last week the Bow had changed in color pretty radically. After last night's monsoons we get to start over.....

Bow at Banff: 238 CMS (was 185 CMS) Bow at Calgary: 297 CMS (was 258) Sheep this morning 409 CMS (was mid 30's) Crowsnest 22 CMS (from 14). The Crow should drop like crazy if we get no more substantial rain for the next couple of days. The Bow will depend on how dry ...we stay as well as whether they actually start to fill some resevoirs.

For the weatherman!
 A special "Way to go!" goes out to the professionals at Environment Canada and The Weather Network who, as of Friday night, were calling for 1-5 mm of rain on Saturday. Missed that one by a smidge! Heres to staying employed irregardless of performance.

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