Friday, June 29, 2012

Howler Bros. now in stock

The awesome new apparel from Howler Bros. has arrived, not only does it look great on the shelves but are functional and comfortable. 

"Howler Brothers clothing designs honor the soul, passion and timeless style of sports such as surfing and fly fishing but update historic garment ideas with modern influence from waves, water, geography, fashion and art. Every garment and accessory is crafted with functionality and attention to detail at the forefront. We avoid trendy or overly traditional ideas and use small batch production and collaborations with artists and craftsmen to create original, alternative offerings. Our base of operations – Austin, Texas – is miles from the nearest ocean but provides daily inspiration with its vibrant and diverse creative culture."

 While we have a number of products in store, here's a couple of quick reviews of the ones we've had a chance to use ourselves.

 Loggerhead Long-sleeve Shirt
 To begin, this shirt looks awesome. It's styled well, great colors and accents but it shines when you put it on. A UPF 45 keeps the sun off, a buttoned collar allows a little breathing room and some extra ventilation. The seams are set off-shoulder so there's no itching or chaffing, thumb holes in the cuffs and a handy zippered pocket at the lower back with a sun-glass cleaning cloth built in (haven't tested the cloth itself yet for glass cleaning). Like all its polyester competitors, this isn't a shirt I would wear tromping through heavy bush since the material can pull a bit but once you put it on, seriously, you won't want to take it off. Brent took it piking last week, and raved for days about it!

Bruja Surf Short
The first time you touch this material, you will understand why we love them so much. It's a super soft, lightweight polyester microfiber that wicks and is quick-dry. The waist is a draw-string and button-fly. The outseam is 20" for a 33" waist hitting right above the knee or so. There is only one rear pocket but its Howler's own firewall flap pocket which when buttoned nearly erases the chances of losing something. If nothing else, these shorts deserve a try-on. Also a new favorite of Brent's.

We have a number of styles of Howler shirts. The first thing that struck me is the fabric, it's ultra-soft ring spun cotton which is super soft and comfortable but unlike organic cotton (which I also love) won't shrink like mad or tear easily. Men's sizes fit true but ladies should consider sizing up, and the seaming is a contrast seam which looks awesome! Some styles are pretty witty such as the "double-haul" featured above or the "toad-fly" shown below.

 Come on in and check this stuff out!

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