Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fishing Update

For those of you who are wondering whether you'll ever get to fish again..... Driving down Deerfoot looking at the high and colored Bow, there are some decent options for fishing right now:

Talked to Vic at The Crowsnest Angler this morning. He says fishing has been pretty good on the Crow this week with the water dropping some earlier in the week. Nymphing has been good and a few more fish have been caught on dry flies in the last couple of days.

Pretty much everything south of the Oldman is in fishable condition right now. Some streams will be a little high but easily clear enough to fish effectively.

The high mountain stuff is getting clearer. Going to be a little cold for a bit but still fishable.

Crossing the Highwood this morning gave a pleasant surprise....a noticeable tinge of green. Not the brown of the last 10 days. I would maybe even fish the lower Highwood right now in a pinch.

Sheep has dropped every day this week and has cleared some. Would expect Upper Sheep to be clear but cold.

As for the Bow, it has cleared a little. Still running big but I know of instances where it was fished at higher levels than now. Should you venture out on the Bow keep in mind, it has a very high flow right now. Wading should be kept to a minimum and if you're in a boat always pay attention. The Bow won't give you a stellar day right now but you can catch a few fish here and there.

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