Thursday, September 10, 2009

Alberta River Report Roundup and Sage Xi3's Available Online

As promised, we have just added the Sage Xi3's to our online store. Be sure to grab one quickly, they're selling fast!

We haven't done a river report lately, so here's a quick roundup of what is going on with our rivers.

The Bow:
The Bow is fishing mediocre to good. Some days the hopper fishing is unbelievable, while others it definitly leaves you wanting more. Best bet to do 'ok' no matter what is a hopper-dropper rig. You'll find fish eating hoppers and the bead, and the bead fishing has gotten better in the last week or so. Streamer fishing has been so-so, with the deeper throughs holding more fish. This is the time of year to hit the pre-spawn browns, so be ready for fat fish!

The flows are hovering around 80, so you can run into some weed problems, and makes nymphing a lot fun. Hopefully we'll get a massive runoff next year to clean up our river again.

With the colder weather, we're seeing Psuedo's around, and the BWO's should be imminent. All we need is a nice drizzly day, and you should be able to find some fish sipping.

The High Country:
Most of the High Country streams are running clear, but a little cold for the time of the year. Some of the areas have had close to freezing temperatures at night, and the rivers are running a bit high for the time of year. The water temps are quite cold in the mornings, and the afternoons are fishing much better due to this. Ants, BWOS and smaller hoppers are all fishing well.

The Crowsnest:
The Crow is fishing quite typical for this time of year. Fish are easily to spook with the clear water, but you should be able to fool them with thin tippet and a small bug. BWO's are present, and will become more present with a bit of overcast. Hopper fishing can still be quite good, and is worth doing with a mayfly nymph as the dropper. Don't forget your ants!

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