Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dee Chatani's Favorite Rods and Reels

Picks for gear from Dee Chatani
Trout: Dry/sz 10 and smaller Sage 486 Zaxis, Lamson Lightspeed 1
Trout :Dry/ sz 8 and larger Sage 590 Zaxis, Sage 4550

Trout :Nymph Sage 690 Zaxis , Sage 4560

Trout :Streamer Sage 690-4 TCX, Lamson Lightspeed 2

Saltwater: Bonefish/Redfish Sage 790-4 TCX, Sage 6080

Saltwater: Permit Light/Baby Tarpon Sage 990-4 TCX, Waterworks ULA Force 3

Saltwater: Permit Heavy/Light Tarpon Sage 1090-4 TCX, Sage 6010
Saltwater: Tarpon Sage 1190-4 Xi2, VanStaal CVEX 11-12

Dee will be "Field testing" the new Sage Xi3 rods and the new WW/Lamson Vanquish this upcoming Saltwater season.

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